One thing about South Dakota, we always have something to talk about. Take for instance, the weather. Tuesday we had light rain with temperatures hovering in the low 30's. All day long we were trucking around Sioux Falls driving with confidence. As you traveled across the state to the west the story was very different. Case and point, Lead, South Dakota where they picked up 30 plus inches of Snow.

I'm sure the winter outdoor fun people are ecstatic. The skiing should be awesome. Snowmobiling, probably off the charts. I'm sure your thinking, it's the elevation stupid, and the fact that our state is pretty vast. In fact it's just short of a 400 mile drive to Lead, South Dakota from Sioux Falls. But still, it's impressive.

If you drive for a living, that was tricky too. According to KOTA-TV, 

Some trucks blew off the road, others turned around before it happened to them and many of them lost money.

Russell Oliver says he's been driving trucks for 21 years and has never seen anything like he saw Tuesday afternoon.

Here's another quick point. I'm originally from the Kennebec, South Dakota area. It's just a little over a two hour drive. Many times they are 10-12 degrees warmer. And when the wind blows in the central part of South Dakota it's totally different. When you head to the river in the summer you can count on 5-10 degrees warmer most days.

South Dakota is called the land of infinite variety. When it comes to the weather, we all agree, that's a pretty good description.  And one more thing, Before venturing out, drivers should check for updates on road conditions.

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