I think she even chuckled a little when she told me. My mom recently had to take the test to see if she had COVID-19. Her report back to me wasn't what I expected.

Mom lives in assisted living here in Sioux Falls. She made the decision to move there last summer and most everything had been going pretty well until this CORONAVIRUS thing hit. Since mid-March, nursing homes and assisted living facilities around the nation have been pretty much on lockdown. Other than workers, or as I like to call them ANGELS, who go in and out every day to care for the residents, it's nobody in, nobody out. 

Recently we heard that Governor Noem had scheduled all residents and workers in the State to be tested for COVID-19. Mom and I talked about it over the phone, and my wife and I talked about it at home. We were pretty sure that that process, the one that everyone was talking about would be a stressful situation for the older folks. Our son had been tested [negative result] and he reported that it was quite unpleasant. He used a bit more 'colorful language.' In fact, most people who have had the test agree. It's not pleasant at all. 

So I talked with Mom last night and asked her how it went. She said we went out one door, [outside to a patio area] took the test and back in. Yes, but how was it I asked. What she said surprised me. A little.  She said;

Actually I didn't think it was too bad. It made my nose run on that side a little bit, but other than that it wasn't too bad. In fact, I thought about asking them to do the other side... so I could breath better... then she laughed a bit.

I don't know why I was surprised by her reaction. Her generation is tougher than ours. They call those living in the nursing homes and assisted living the most vulnerable, and maybe they are, but they really are tougher! 

Think about it. Since mid-march, they've had to dine in their own room. No group exercise. No church services together as a group. NO visitors from home. No children, no grandchildren. No-body-at-all. Jail would be better I thought, her reply, Oh, it's really not so bad. I have the computer to play solitaire on and the television to watch. 

Her only complaint during the whole ordeal? The Minnesota Twins aren't on. 

Our generation is soft. They are the strong ones. They grew up without air conditioning. They drank out of a garden hose, didn't have microwaves for most of their lives, smoked and drove without a seat belt with a kid sitting next to them in the car, holding the kid up with their right arm as they drove down the road.  Sometimes.

I'm not sure why I was concerned with this little test they had to take. At least not her. She passed with flying colors. Now, I just have to remember that the next time I go to the doctor for a shot, or something else.

Thank you for sharing this story with friends and family who also have a parent living in an assisted living facility or nursing home. And here's to getting to go visit them soon! In the meantime, the phone still works. Pick it up and give them a call today!

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