If you watch the news lately, you've seen statues and landmarks being unceremoniously torn down and destroyed. To me, and to many, it's pretty upsetting. Here are my two cents on the whole thing and what 'I think.'

If we learn from history, our own history, hopefully, we won't repeat poor choices. I believe the people tearing down landmarks around our country are missing that point. Were the people portrayed in those works of art or the times they were living in perfect? Far From it. Are they important to our history? Absolutely. Could we learn from their shortcoming? With a little thought and dialog, probably.

Here are a couple of landmark statues and monuments found in South Dakota, I hope they leave up. Forever.

1. Dignity. If you haven't seen Dignity up close, make a pit stop on your trek across South Dakota. Wikipedia says this about Dignity;

The statue boldly proclaims that South Dakota's Native cultures are alive, standing with dignity.

If you haven't seen Dignity, she is standing proud, high on the hill overlooking the Missouri River near Chamberlain, South Dakota. She stands, with dignity. Though I will never fully comprehend what her people have through and still go through today, she stands as a reminder of hardships her people endured.


2. Crazy Horse Monument. I hope to see it's completion in my lifetime. It certainly serves as an important reminder to South Dakotans and Americans alike.

Crazy Horse Memorial.org eloquently stated;

The Mission of Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation is to protect and preserve the culture, tradition, and living heritage of the North American Indians.

  • Crazy Horse Monument is being built in part;  to encourage harmony and reconciliation among all people and nations.

3. Mount Rushmore. Were the men portrayed on Mount Rushmore perfect? Far from it. Were they important in helping make our country what it is today? Yes. Do they deserve a spot upon that granite near Rapid City, South Dakota? Absolutely.

Even if you have to put a sign next to a statue 'explaining and how we could do better,'  I suggest that statues and monuments around the country be left up.  And let those statues and monuments serve as intended. As conversation starters. and as reminders, that things were not always perfect, right, and just. But that we learned and are better as a people, for what we learned.

I'd love to know 'what you think.' Please share your thoughts in the comments below and thank you for sharing this story with your friends.

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