If you're like many Americans, you might find yourself watching the Television Show American Idol. Over the years there have been many 'talent contests' that have scoured the country for the next star.

I had an opportunity to talk with a contestant from the Sioux Falls area, who not only made the show, but was able to move on to the Hollywood phase of the show!

Meet Kaila Tingle of Aurora, South Dakota. Aurora is just east of Brookings. Tingle is a 2010 graduate of Elkton, SD high school and has been following her musical dream since graduation.

If you listen to the entire interview with Kaila, you'll find out some of the Insides to Idol that most people don't know. Things like, they do audition auditoriums of people, but only a few get a chance to actually sing for the judges. The very talented, or the very weird! (or some with an interesting story)

American Idol has found quite a few diamonds in the rough who are now stars. Carrie Underwood comes to mind. Where would Carrie be today, if not for American Idol. If you look Carrie Underwood's journey is already playing out.

Kaila Tingle? I think she's an awesome talent. She does have a unique sound. On top of that, I believe she has a unique something. Something to say with her words and writing and the way she sings and plays.

Kaila and the band she performs with is playing Thirsty's in Mitchell Saturday night. If you're in the area, check the performance of Avenger Joes.  And in the meantime, good luck to Kaila! We'll be watching. And listening.

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