Just as it did in 2017, the White House is holding what it calls a 'Made in America Product Showcase' today (July 23), and a company from South Dakota is there displaying something called 'shotgun chaps'.

Trump administration officials say the 'Made in America Product Showcase' is a chance to highlight "its commitment to ensuring more products are made in the United States."

To meet the Federal Trade Commission's 'Made in USA' standard, a product must be "all or virtually all made in the U.S., contain no or negligible foreign content, and its final assembly or processing must take place in the U.S."

Companies from all 50 states are being represented at the White House showcasing everything from furniture to linens to boats to even baseball bats.

Here's what the states here in the upper Midwest are displaying at the showcase this year followed by the company responsible for the product:

  • South Dakota - Shotgun Chaps (K Bar J Leather)
  • Iowa - Body Armour Dummies (RMA Armament)
  • Minnesota - Wool Blankets (Faribault Woolen Mill)
  • Nebraska - Beef (Greater Omaha Packing)
  • North Dakota - Military Outerwear (Dakota Outerwear)
  • Wyoming - Model Aircraft (Aviat Aircraft)
  • Montana - Fishing Gear (Simms Fishing)

To see a complete listing of all the Made in America items on display this year, go to the MarketWatch.com website.

Source: MarketWatch

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