South Dakota saw a spike in highway fatalities during 2017. KSFY TV is reporting there were 11 percent more traffic fatalities in 2017 as opposed to 2016 according to the latest Department of Safety data released.

The new data showed there were 129 fatalities on South Dakota roads during 2017, that's 13 more recorded deaths in the state than there were in all of 2016.

South Dakota Office of Highway Safety Director Lee Axdahl told KSFY TV, the state was on target to finish the year with fewer than 100 traffic fatalities for the first time in history, but there were 42 fatalities in the last three months of 2017, which equates to about one-third of the yearly total.

Even with the 11 percent rise in traffic fatalities last year, Axdahl says South Dakota still has one of the lowest traffic fatality rates in the nation. Making South Dakota drivers among some of the safest in the country.

The report showed that speed and alcohol continued to be the two biggest contributors to highway deaths in the state during 2017.

Source: KSFY TV

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