There's a new  place in South Dakota that kind of reminds me of an old Chris LeDoux song,

There we called it the Cadillac Ranch
They’re parking cars in the old bean patch
There’s a bar in the barn and the place stays packed
Till the cows come home at Cadillac Ranch

They say the landscape in South Dakota changes daily. We can thank our great plains winds for that. Another way things change is when someone says, hey we could change this into

That's exactly what the owners of Ron's Service at the corner of Highway 18 and 37 in Tripp, South Dakota have done. They've taken an old sale barn and converted it to a bar/restaurant/banquet facility. While I was road tripping the other day we decided to stop in and pay Ron a visit.

When you see the place up close, you can see where the cattle scale used to be. You can also see where the old restrooms other remnants of an old sale barn.

If you remember the sale barn, you should stop in. If Ron's available he can show you the changes they've made and what they can do with the facility now. In the plans are a July 4th Celebration featuring Hot Rod-Chevy Kevy Saturday, July 2nd. If you're on your way to the river or just in the area make sure you stop in.

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JD Collins via Sprint Sioux Falls

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