This past weekend, our Road Trippin' adventures took us to Geddes, South Dakota! Geddes is one of those towns in South Dakota that, unless you have a reason to go there, you don't. This weekend we had an anniversary to celebrate and a reason, so we went there!

Our trip to Geddes started with a bit of a sense of humor. The sign on the way by town along highway 50 reads, Geddes, South Dakota, the next three exits. I know what you're thinking. Three exits? Really?

We found a place to park on Mainstreet and made the short walk to The Blue Room. The rumor was that The Blue Room had a pretty good line of burgers. The rumors were true! They were awesome and the beer was cold too!

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After eating, I decided to do a little exploring. The Blue Room is actually three buildings, side by side that are all opened up inside and adjoining. The first one we will call a restaurant, a museum. This is the part that probably brings its name The Blue Room. It's part restaurant and part museum with special note due to the now-closed Geddes School.

Geddes has since merged with Platte for school, but inside the restaurant are loads of memorabilia from the days of the Rams, whose color was, you guessed it Blue. One of the highlights was finding out what now is a restaurant was once a grocery store, an auto store, and even at one time a funeral home. In fact, just off the kitchen is an elevator that was used to transport caskets to the basement.

JD Collins
JD Collins

Jeremiah and Jennifer DeJong run the place and they do a GREAT job. The service was awesome and the food was just about as good as anywhere I've had. I had the burger with blue cheese and it was delicious. The beer was ice cold too!

Before I left I toured around. The Blue Room has a restaurant, a bar, and an adjoining room (which we dined in) so there is much more space than you would think.

If you go to the river, for a fishing trip, or you are one of those people who have a camper parked out in one of the local campgrounds, I suggest you check the place out. The service is awesome, the place is full of local history and the food is GREAT! The Blue Room in Geddes, South Dakota.

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