On Tuesday South Dakota GOP Representative Dusty Johnson appeared on CNN's Cuomo Prime Time. The conversation was much about protections from COVID-19 at the Mount Rushmore 4th of July celebrations.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem stated this week that there would be no 'social distancing' at the Mount Rushmore Independence day event. She did say that masks would be available if you want one. But they are not required.

Heath experts in the state have expressed that they are worried about the spread of the Coronavirus as around 7500 are expected to attend Friday's 4th celebration.

During Dusty Johnson's conversation with Chris Cuomo, he was asked: “...a lot of people who support the President, as you know, have magically been convinced that a mask is weakness and maybe an insult to him.”

Dust Johnson replied: “Well and let me be very clear about this. A mask is not a weakness. I mean I wear a mask all the time in the capital. I wear it when I'm going to Thune's Hardware in Mitchell, South Dakota. I wear it when I am in close proximity to people. Now my government doesn't tell me that I've got to do that. I do it because it's the right thing to do.

And I think the people at Mount Rushmore should wear a mask, but we have had this argument time and time again, there have been people who feel like the government is the only entity that has all of the answers and then there are people who feel like we need to collectively step up as communities as societies and families to make good decisions. I think we’re going to get better compliance long term Chris if we work together to get this done rather than have some sort of edict from Washington D.C.”

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