Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has done it again: he's caused fury in the media, all across the nation. A leaked video of Trump, released Friday, shows him making crude sexual remarks about women. This has caused South Dakota politicians to speak out against the presidential hopeful.

GOP Governor Dennis Daugaard told the Associated Press on Monday that he wants Donald Trump to quit the race. However, he would still vote for him over Hillary Clinton. Daugaard mentioned that the 2005 tape, where the GOP presidential nominee made predatory comments about women, was "the last straw."

South Dakota Senator John Thune, who is the nation's third-most powerful Senate Republican, also recommended Trump should withdraw. He states that vice presidential candidate Mike Pence should replace Trump on the ballot in the upcoming November election.

U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem also says she'll continue to vote for Trump.

Over the weekend, Trump told the Washington Post:

"I'd never withdraw. I've never withdrawn in my life. No, I'm not quitting. I have tremendous support."

The South Dakota politicians are just a few of the Republican state leaders across the U.S. that have spoke out against Trump in previous weeks. The New York Times has reported that more than 160 GOP leaders don't support the candidate for president.

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