It's all how you look at it. How you see it, how you frame it. There are many subtleties involved when it comes to photography. Then, when you have achieved a certain level and expand on that skill set what you are seeing and capturing is truly something else. I suggest we call it art.

Randy Halverson grew up in South Central South Dakota. Those more familiar with the territory call it Lyman County. Halverson has taken his talents and concentrated on what goes on around the world after dark. His company Dakotalapse is aptly named; it's time-lapse photography at its finest.

I was texting back and forth with Halverson recently who said his latest work is called The Astrum. It's beautiful and worth a watch. The music is incredible and the photography work is, as usual, top-notch.

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When you check out The Astrum the experience is like a journey through the night sky starting in the Desert Southwest. The soundtrack is eerie and awesome as you see satellites and airplanes. Halverson captures, with his lens, what goes on around us all the time. Take a look. Satellites and Constellations. In a portion of The Astrum, you see storms roll through as daylight turns to nighttime. There is nothing like a thunderstorm on the plains. With his timelapse photography, Halverson captures it and boils the wonder of the nighttime into short works of art.

Halverson added Most of my 30-minute features were licensed by and are on DirecTV 4K channel and some are on STingray Naturescape on YouTube.

Here's an idea. Tonight, when you catch yourself saying there is nothing to watch on television, pull up your computer or smartphone and watch one of his Dakotalapse videos on your home television. Oh, and you can thank me for that idea later.

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