South Dakota native and former NBC News Anchor Tom Brokaw is apologizing for comments he made on 'Meet the Press' this past weekend. It had to do with Latinos.

The discussion was about Latinos entering the electorate, and what it would mean for the future of politics in this country.

That's when Brokaw said Hispanics should "work harder at assimilation, making sure that all their kids are learning to speak English, and that they feel comfortable in the communities in which they live."

PBS News Hour correspondent Yamiche Alcindor responded by saying "she grew up in Miami, where people speak Spanish, but their kids speak English. And the idea that we think Americans can only speak English as if Spanish and other languages wasn't always part of America, is, in some ways, troubling."

On Twitter, immediately following the show, Brokaw apologized for, in his words, "offending some members of that proud culture."

Source: Associated Press, ABC Radio News

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