If you don't like the weather in South Dakota just give it some time. It changes and changes and changes. Plus, it gives us something to fire up a conversation with a stranger when we meet on the street.

2020 has been a pretty interesting year weather-wise. June had quite a few days that felt more like July or August. January and February were pretty calm as far as blizzards and cold weather goes. So far we haven't had any huge storms blowing through the area and yes, that's the sound of me knocking on wood as I write this.

So, the warmest day ever recorded in South Dakota? A scorching 120 in Usta in 2006. Where the heck is Usta, South Dakota? You can find the tiny, tiny town between Lemmon and Faith along highway 73. This one surprised me, in 2006 technology was pretty good and 120 is a heck of a number. S (Sometimes I see records and wonder how they were actually recording the temperatures.)

The coldest day ever recorded in South Dakota was a bone-chilling -58 in McIntosh in 1936. McIntosh is located on Highway 12 along with the North Dakota, South Dakota border.

The weather this week in South Dakota is something we'll be talking about again this week. We have had some awesome days with highs in the low 80's, but the weather this weekend is predicted to be HOT again with highs in the low to mid 90's.

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