did a study on Instagram to see which places in the world posted the most with the hashtag "sexy." (Or is that #sexy in print, hell I'm a radio guy, I don't know.)

People in Nevada use #sexy in their Instagram posts the most followed by Florida, Hawaii, California, and New York.

Instagram users in South Dakota use #sexy the least followed by Iowa, North Dakota, West Virginia and New Mexico. The above selfie was posted on my Instagram account a few years ago and I did not use the sexy hashtag.


Keep in mind, this isn't an actual rating of sexiness. It's just how often the Internet's narcissists use the hashtag "sexy" in a post on Instagram. With that in mind, I'm fine with the 605 coming in last. Most of us don't have time for such nonsense.

Now if you'll excuse I have some #delicious #food #pics to take.

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