Retirement can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Not having to punch a time clock provides you with a freedom you've been dreaming about for years, but without a job, making ends meet when you rely solely on Social Security can cause a considerable amount of anxiety.

In South Dakota though that monthly retirement check goes a lot further than in most other states.

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According the GoBankingRates, the Mount Rushmore State is number four on their list of the 'Top States to Live on Just a Social Security Check'.

Factoring in the cost of a one-bedroom apartment and the overall cost of living, South Dakota checked in with an average rent of $744 and a cost-of-living index of 95.2, which is second best to only North Dakota among the top ten states.


  1. Nebraska: 2022 Average Rent: $827, Overall Cost-of-Living Index: 91.8
  2. North Dakota: 2022 Average Rent: $672, Overall Cost-of-Living Index: 96.8
  3. Indiana: 2022 Average Rent: $835, Overall Cost-of-Living Index: 89.2
  4. South Dakota: 2022 Average Rent: $744, Overall Cost-of-Living Index: 95.2
  5. Wyoming: 2022 Average Rent: $742, Overall Cost-of-Living Index: 93.9
  6. Kentucky: 2022 Average Rent: $741, Overall Cost-of-Living Index: 93.6
  7. Michigan: 2022 Average Rent: $849, Overall Cost-of-Living Index: 89.9
  8. Ohio: 2022 Average Rent: $785, Overall Cost-of-Living Index: 90.8
  9. Missouri: 2022 Average Rent: $782, Overall Cost-of-Living Index: 90.5
  10. Oklahoma: 2022 Average Rent: $814, Overall Cost-of-Living Index: 84.8

When broken down by individual cities, one location in Iowa is among the best in America to survive on Social Security.

Davenport is eighth overall with an average rent of $731 for a one-bedroom apartment and a cost of living score of 81.7.

The article says it costs about 19% less to live in Davenport than the average American city.

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