You're going to do what? I'm gonna get on the back of that bull, tie myself on and ride him. The concept it simple. The concept is crazy. The concept is so interesting and the match-ups between man and beast so compelling that for years rodeo has saved it for the final event. Mostly to keep rodeo goers in the stand buying pop, beer and popcorn to the bitter end.

Bull riding is so South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska in so many ways. It's Midwestern, period.  Movies have been made about bull riding.

One of the coolest ever songs in the world told the story of bull riding!

One of the most popular stories I've ever written was about a bull rider who was in a tragic auto accident going from rodeo to rodeo.  His name is Lane Scott.

We're a tough bunch here in the Midwest. We like our summers hot and our summers snowy and cold. We're familiar with feeling you get from a hard days work and appreciate the taste of a good cold beer. It's either love of bull riding or the desire to see a wreck of a ride that makes us buy tickets to bull riding. So when the PBR comes to town we get excited. The fanfare, the lights, the rock show atmosphere will be in The Deny Sanford Premier Center April 1-3, 2016.  Saturday nights performance is sold out, and only a few tickets remain for the Friday and Sunday performance. Get em!

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