When it comes to watching sports in person in South Dakota, we are somewhat limited due to our lack of any major professional teams in the state. But we more than make up for that when it comes to catching sports on television.

According to USDirect, when you factor in TV watch-time, the interest of a household in sports, and the interest of a household in TV/movies based on product purchases, subscriptions, and surveys, South Dakota has the highest average interest in sports of any state in America.

Those same numbers revealed that football is the sport of choice for viewing in the Mount Rushmore State.

Overall, South Dakota is 12th in time spent per person watching sports. West Virginia tops the list with a daily average watch-time of four and a half hours.


  1. West Virginia
  2. Wyoming
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. North Dakota
  5. Delaware
  6. Ohio
  7. New Hampshire
  8. New Jersey
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Iowa

By the way, South Dakota's love for the gridiron isn't unique. Football is the top viewing sport in a whopping 35 states.

You'd have to go all the way to number-19 on the list to find a state that prefers to watch something other than football. Kentucky's number-one go to on the tube is basketball.

After football, golf is the next most popular sport for viewing with 12 states (and Washington DC) picking that as a top preference - Mayland, Georgia, New York, Arizona, Oregon, Texas, Nevada, Washington, Utah, California, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Baseball was the top pick in only two states - Connecticut and Vermont.

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