If you've pulled out the card and inserted it in the pump lately, chances are you scratched your head and wondered, how high are these prices going to go?. Everything is more expensive today, but gas seems to be the one thing that comes to your mind.  When prices are on the rise, it seems every street corner has a digital sign, with a higher price alert!

Tuesday night, I paid $3.65. We had been hovering around $3.40 for a couple of weeks. As I was pumping, I texted a co-worker and said, $5.00 gas by the Fourth of July? He texted back, I'll take Memorial Day.

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Truckers are paying more, farmers as well. Fuel is the one thing that everyone uses. It affects everyone's budget.

Last week, my wife and I traveled to Las Vegas. In most of the high-pressure areas, high-traffic gas stations were at $4.05. Not bad if you were driving an efficient mid-sized sedan. The highest prices we saw were $7.80 per gallon. But that was just outside of Death Valley National Park. I imagine they had weary travelers topping off to make sure they made it home.

Gas Buddy has the lowest price for gas in South Dakota in Brookings at the Phillips 66 store on 6TH Street. My guess is that prices changes by the end of the week. Or within ten minutes of you reading this.

Blame it on politics, blame it on Putin, blame it on the stock market and investors driving the prices up, or transportation, it doesn't matter. Whatever you had budgeted for fuel this summer, you might want to adjust that number. Up.

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