Growing up in South Dakota I've always felt we are on track when it comes to the cost of goods. Generally we are at or below the average cost for groceries, household goods and so on.

Therefore, when I discovered that our gas prices are actually higher than the national average, I was pretty shocked. Here’s what I discovered:

Currently, the national average cost per gallon of gas is $2.15. South Dakota however, is at an average of $2.23. Yes it's only an 8 cent difference, but it adds up.

Now I'm definitely not complaining, since prices skyrocketed a few years ago to a whopping $4.09. This doesn't even compare. But we were pretty spoiled just a few months ago when prices were a mere $1.64. That’s pretty hard to beat.

What I found particularly interesting is that Sioux Falls isn't contributing to hiking up the state’s average price, even though we are the most populous city.  Our average here is just $2.03 per gallon, meaning that the rest of the state’s prices are much more.

I discovered that Rapid City’s current average is a large hike up to $2.38 a gallon! They’re actually closer to some West Coast prices than eastern South Dakota’s.

The good news for drivers across America is that AAA has claimed that the price per gallon of gas is expected to stay low throughout the rest of the summer. This is due to the fact that the country’s crude oil supply is at the highest it’s been in 86 years. In fact, we currently have an oversupply of crude oil.

So this is great news if you’re planning on traveling in the area yet this summer. However, if you plan to head west, expect a bit of sticker shock at the pump.

Sources:, KSFY

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