I got a call from my wife over the lunch hour Friday afternoon. 'Hey, I'm stuck over by Garfield School near 16th and Western, can you come help me get out?'

I loaded up, took the radio station snow shovel and headed out. Before I got there I got a second, and then a third call from my wife. Hey, I'm Out!  A guy that lives in an apartment building nearby tried shoveling me out, it didn't work. But then he went and got some kitty litter and with a bit more traction I was able to get out.

I read on my Facebook feed of people lending a hand, pulling people out of the ditch and generally helping out.

It doesn't surprise me But, it was very reassuring. We live in a great city here in Sioux Falls. We live in a great place here in the Midwest and a great country. South Dakotan's are very helpful when it comes to days like this. Some people chose to look at what's wrong with the world. They chose to look at life as though it's half empty all the time AND has spots! This guy thought differently. He was one of the half full glass people I love! The people that say, hey I could help out with that today!

That being said, if you know the guy, with the kitty litter and the shovel, let me know who he is. I would like to personally thank him!

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