It’s estimated that Americans will spend $1 billion on fireworks this Independence Day. Folks in South Dakota buy millions of dollars of fireworks every year for home displays and backyard celebrating. But this summer may cost us more to shoot off those bottle rockets.

If you are looking to lay in some pyrotechnics for your 4th of July celebrating this summer you may want to stock up as soon as they go on sale.

There are indicators that there may be a fireworks shortage for the summer of 2021. According to WCCO in the Twin Cities, some fireworks vendors are saying they are having trouble getting fireworks inventory this year.

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Venders have been trying all winter to get products but are not having much success. The site problems with getting fireworks to fill the shelves as the shipping containers are still stuck overseas and it's costing much more than normal to get them over to the U.S.

This could also have implications as to whether or not we see our public community fireworks shows. It's estimated that there will be significant price increases on home use and professional display fireworks.

Some interesting facts about fireworks:

-Around 200 B.C it's recorded that the Chinese first used firecrackers to scare off attacking mountain men.

-China invented the firework but it was Italy that invented the aerial display shell that makes all those pretty colors we love.

-Americans have been using fireworks in Independence Day celebrations since around 1777.

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