The staff at the Lucky Dog Bar and Grill in Volga usually are known to have a smile on their face as they serve their customers, but now that they've got an extra spring in their step after collectively winning the Powerball.

They call themselves “Lucky Dog 19” sharing $50,000 Powerball prize as several employees and their significant others collaborated to earn the game’s second prize on Saturday. (March 10)

“It was the first time we’ve ever done it,” said Angela Tesch. “One of the employees insisted that we get tickets, so everyone put in $2 about 45 minutes before the drawing. I just kept looking at the number we didn’t have and hoping that it would change,” Tesch said. “I only thought that we won $10,000, and everyone was excited until someone looked and found out we won $50,000. That caused much more excitement.”

The Lucky Dog 19 is ready to jump in again in hopes of a second win in the future. “It’s a nice little cushion for everyone to have a fun day or anything else that they want to do,” Tesch said. “We haven’t gotten together and talked, but this may have been a one in a lifetime win. We will probably try again though.”

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