Most of the time you hear the expression, go big or don't go at all. But, most of the time, it's best to step back to simpler to get better. Sometimes it's better to go smaller to get right again. With Someday Cafe in Baltic, South Dakota you can do just that.

This whole COVID thing left me wanting to get out more than ever. Recently, I took a trip to Oldham, South Dakota. Why would I do that? Because I had never been there before. Now, I've been to Baltic, South Dakota, but it had been a long time. I also knew that the Baltic wasn't that far away. I also knew that small towns, small bedroom communities for a larger city like Sioux Falls are important. And it's small-town businesses like Someday Cafe that get your attention.

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When you walk in, you're greeted with a smile. It's clean, neat, and well run. While I was there, they had a special Burger Named for our stop. The Kickin' Burger. It was on a fancy Brioge Bun, with pepper jack cheese, a couple of deep-fried jalapeno poppers on it. I opted for the sweet potato fries and it was GOOD!

The people that stopped in were small-town authentic. Good things happen when you take a risk and strike up a conversation with strangers. You can find things out. Find things out about the town and what makes the area special.

For those who don't know, Baltic, South Dakota is on FIRE! They have an awesome school and judging by the construction going on across the street from the school, huge things are about to happen.

I-29 makes the Baltic ride, a quick trip. You get to see the freshly planted corn and bean fields. You get to drive 80 mph for a bit and suddenly you're there. You're pulling in and if you were raised in a small town, and happen to live in Sioux Falls, find yourself just a little bit jealous.

Back to Someday Cafe. Here's a cafe that Mike and Kim took a risk on. Here's a place that Danielle and Kimber help make work. The food is good, but more importantly, the vibe is legit. When the locals come in, they know who they are. Chances are they know what the customer is going to order when they come in. Things are a small-time and small town and that is good.

Oh, the food? It is not a small-time fare. Try the cheesecake. Try the burgers, the sweet potato fries. Try it with a friend sometime, or take a risk, put yourself out there and just drop in sometime. Ask a few questions. Strike up a conversation and see where it goes.

The food is great, the vibe is small-town good. Someday Cafe, on St. Olaf Avenue in Baltic, South Dakota.

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