Most of the time geography is a very precise thing. But every once in awhile geography is in the eye of the beholder.

Take the region many like to call the 'Midwest'. You know that part of the United States that resides right there in the upper middle part of the map where the Missouri and Mississippi rivers flow thru on their way south.

So exactly how big is the 'Midwest'?

Eight states? Maybe ten?

Midwest Map

According to the website Citylab, residents of no fewer than 15 states surveyed identified as 'Midwesterners'.

From as far west as South and North Dakota, to as far south as Missouri and Kansas, to as far east as Pennsylvania, and to as far north as Minnesota and Wisconsin, people included themselves in the 'Midwest' discussion.

Anything in green on the map above shows areas where half of the residents, or more, refer to themselves as 'Midwesterners'.

The criteria were simple. Citylab just asked for two things - a zip code and whether a person considered themselves to be from the 'Midwest'.

So far they've heard from more than 12,000 people.

Do you identify yourself as someone from the 'Midwest' or do you prefer the 'Upper Midwest', 'Upper Plains', or 'Great Plains' instead?

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