Can you use a leaf blower to clear snow? Who would ask such a question, let alone answer it? Only the bravest of people. The may you know and tolerate: me!

Is this a good idea? Using a tool of autumn on the leavings of winter may be a dangerous affront to the universe. What will the Nobel committee say? Will I go down in history alongside other great inventors like Edison, Jobs, or the first person to mix peanut butter and chocolate?

So anyways, here's what I did. I took my leaf blower and tried to take snow clearing to the next level. Why scoop when you can make a lot of noise and not use too many muscles?

Alas, the results of my experiment were less than impressive. Oh yea sure, I made a lot of noise. And it looked pretty cool, but it took too long. Plus, some of the snow was too tough for my mighty blower. So, I guess it's back to the shovel.

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