Snoop is coming to Sioux Falls!  Out of all the concert combinations in the world, we may have never put this one together. Snoop Dogg, yep the same guy that played halftime of the Super Bowl just days ago is coming to Sioux Falls. See Snoop Dogg along with Koe Wetzel at The Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls Tuesday, April 19th. (Dang, just missed that 4:20 date.)

Everybody knows who Snoop Dogg is. Yep, he's a rapper, but an ICONIC rapper at that! Also packaged together for the date at the Denny is Koe Wetzel. We've been after promoters to bring Wetzell to Sioux Falls. One of our favorite descriptors regarding Wetzel,

Some artists break one or two rules. Koe Wetzel breaks pretty much all of them.

Both Snoop Dogg and Koe Wetzel are currently on separate tours and selling out venues across America, and therefore, this highly unique ticket will not last long!

If you are looking for a diversion concert, you know, a combination that isn't just off the beaten path, but out in the woods, this one is going to be off the hook.

Snoop In Sioux Falls Presale Ticket Code

Ticket Information:   Tickets are on sale to the general public now.

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