Here, let me get you an ashtray. We're going to leave here in a little bit, let me just sit here and enjoy this cigarette. I can tell you've been to the bar, you smell like smoke.

Times have changed. Habits are changing.

I read today on CBS Baltimore that the rate of smoking among adults in the U.S. fell to 15 percent last year thanks to the biggest one-year decline in more than 20 years, according to a new government report.

How are things different?  Bars have smoking areas outside. Restaurants are no longer smoking or non smoking. One of the few places you have to remind yourself to check is when you're ordering a room on-line. If you don't check, you'll most likely get non smoking.

It's been a while since figures were released here in South Dakota. According to The CDC roughly 17.5% to 21.5% of of South Dakotan's are smokers. If South Dakotan's follow national trends you can bet those statistics are lower today.

The numbers are encouraging. 50 years ago nearly 42% of adult Americans smoked. Times were different. They smoked in offices, restaurants, airplanes and even hospitals.

What's the percentage of those who do smoke, who wish they could quit, or would like to quit? That would be an interesting statistic.

If you would like help quitting, and live in South Dakota, there is help with with The South Dakota Quit Line. 

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