February 2020, we were cruising along at a good clip. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. To say the least, things have not been the same.

It takes a while for things to ripple in and affect our area. Many small towns are feeling the pinch. Restaurants and bars that play a huge part in many small communities have found themselves having to shut the doors and try to find alternate ways to make money. That said, there is nothing like the feeling you get reading about towns coming together and helping each other out.

Over the years, I've bragged up Woonsocket, South Dakota while working on the radio. A simple drive through Sanborn County on Highway 34 and you get an almost Normal Rockwell vibe as you pass by. You know, when you look to the north, see St. Wilfrid's Catholic Church nestled behind the picturesque Prior Lake complete with the idyllic white bridge.

But as pretty as the town of Woonsocket is, it's not till you take a closer look at some of the businesses and people that you get a true feel for its true beauty. Like Skeeters Bar and Grill in Woonsocket. Cara Poyer wrote;

Skeeters Bar and Grill is located in a small town 35miles NW of Mitchell. Woonsocket has about 600 people. Skeeters is responsible for our Area Nutrition program that serves those 60 years and older or those with disabilities that don’t allow them to cook for themselves. Volunteers have come together to help us get about 25 meals a day to those shut-in or choose not to come out right now.
We serve food 7 days a week. Attached to the bar is a convenience store, N40, that opens at 6:30 am-10 pm Monday thru Friday and Saturday and Sunday 10 am-10 pm. We offer breakfast as well as lunch and supper. Skeeters menu is available for pick up at the N40 store, curbside delivery or even home delivery.  We have been trying to stay on our normal routine, Wednesday we have Wing Wednesday, we offer boneless and bone-in wings and 14 flavors to choose from. Thursday evening we offer an Italian beef sandwich meal. Saturday evening is our Slow Roasted Prime Rib.

COVID-19 has had a large impact on the business as our doors have been locked since Monday, March 23rd. However, as a community we all will get through this together!

If you are in the Woonsocket area, make sure you call up and order out. Get enough to put the leftovers in the fridge. And if you can swing it, a larger than normal tip would be a great idea.  Call 605-796-9497

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