I remember eating cheese curds from a dairy in Wisconsin thinking, 'if we move back to South Dakota, we'll never have cheese like this again.'  Well, we moved back and like usual I was wrong.  Yes, you can find good cheese in South Dakota.  In fact, you can find it made in our Small Town of the Day, Dimock, SD.

You can go in pretty much any store throughout the area and get Dimock Cheese.  Sometimes a business can almost define a town.  This is probably the case. When I say Dimock, you say...cheese.

Dimock isn't a large town.  Maybe 125 residents.  They're situated off the main roads, which I'm sure suits the residents just fine.  Just close enough to Mitchell and Parkston, yet far enough out to feel 'rural.'


Dimock is also known for having beautiful churches.  I mean these are gems on the prairie that probably get talked about just about as much as the cheese. The Catholic Church, SS Peter and Paul is one that comes to mind.  Also St. John's Lutheran. One look at the pictures and you know what I mean.  I remember my mom explaining to me, 'how to get to Parkston from Mitchell.'  You'll get on the road headed south out of Mitchell, You'll go past the town with the church just a few more miles and you'll be there.  These are obviously landmarks that any small town or rural area would be proud to boast.


Small town living, easy access to bigger towns.  It all seems to make sense and it kind of makes you wonder why we put up with the rat races that we seem to run day in and day out in bigger cities.

A little internet surfing can always make The Small Town of the Day kind of interesting.  Dimock also has a place called the Aloha Ranch.  According to their website,

We are a three generation hobby farm. All 3 generations live on the land and care for all the animals. We moved to Dimock, South Dakota in 1996, from Makakilo, Hawaii. Hence the name ALOHA RANCH.

Aloha Farm, Dimock, SD

Grandma & Grandpa retired and wanted to have some land to play with animals, and introduce their kids & grandkids to the beauty & wonderment of all species.

We have Quarter Horses, Paint Horses & Mini Horses; Cute little Pygmy Goats; Great Danes, Chihuahuas, Mini Dachshunds (Doxies) and on occasion "Designer Dogs". All which will be posted on this website, when we have any for sale. Grandma does crafting & gift items which will also be posted for sale.

It's amazing what you find when you look. Look at the label on the cheese you buy at HyVee.  You might see Dimock Cheese on the label.  Get off the interstate or the main road.  Stop in for a cup of coffee.  It's amazing who you can meet, when you travel with your 'eyes open.'  One of the neat places you might find yourself at, is today's Small town of the Day, Dimock, SD.