No matter what you're into, or something you're interested in knowing more about, the library is a good starting point. Whether you prefer visiting in-person, or virtually, you're opening a whole universe of information to yourself.

If you have kids, the immeasurably rich resources the Siouxland Libraries offer are even more important.

The Siouxland Libraries also know that progress for them means meeting the community's needs. To do that they have created a 5-year strategic plan and mission that includes getting input from the people they serve.

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Right now, through February 4, there is a library survey that everyone in the community is being asked to take, in order to help our libraries plan for the future.

You'll be asked for your input on the programs being offered, which ones you'd like to see them add, and what improvements or changes would make our libraries even better.

To me, some of the most meaningful and interesting questions are:

  •  If you were designing a "library of the future," what would you include?
  • What are your preferred ways to use the library? A) Virtually? B) In a building where you could also shop for groceries? C) Pop-up neighborhood libraries?
  • Which library branch do you use the most? (Because there are a lot of them!)
  • What are some factors that keep you from using the libraries? (Like transportation issues, language barriers, lack of knowledge about them).

But there are more questions about products and services, equipment, books you'd like to see added, and a whole lot more.

So hurry and take the survey now! Remember, you can only participate through Friday, February 4th.

New Sculptures Added In Sioux Falls For Sculpture Walk - May 2021

The Sioux Falls SculptureWalk is known to be the largest outdoor exhibit that features sculptures year-round on Phillips Avenue and throughout other parts of the city. Well over 800 sculptures have been on display throughout the history of the Sioux Falls SculptureWalk.
If you've been walking around Downtown Sioux Falls the last couple of days, you've probably have noticed the latest editions to this year's Sioux Falls SculptureWalk. My friend Miranda and I sure enjoyed seeing the new sculptures!
Every year, we walk around to admire the new artwork in the city. It was just a coincidence we were in town when some new sculptures were unveiled!
Check out these exciting new additions to Downtown Sioux Falls!

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