If you live in Sioux Falls and you've always wanted to raise some bees in your backyard, you are in luck! Tuesday night the Sioux Falls city council passed an ordinance that allows backyard beekeeping.

The ordinance passed 6 votes to 2. City councilors Janet Brekke and Theresa Stehley were the main proponents of the backyard beekeeping business. Voting NO on the issue were councilors Christine Erikson and Rick Kiley.

If you do want to start your own bee colony you will need to get a permit, get the approval of all your neighbors and anyone living within a 100-foot radius of your property, and have signposted by your property that alerts folks passing by that there are lots of busy bees living at your house.

According to How To Make Money With BeeKeeping a single beehive can produce in the range of 50 pounds of honey per year. At about $8 bucks a pound, you could rake in an estimated $400.00 large or more per year. I just thought you'd like to know.

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