Sioux Falls has seen a 9% increase in visitors over 2015.

Face it, we're a hot destination place and we have almost everything a person would ever want!

And the numbers are proving it.

The Falls Park Visitor Information Center hosted 216,263 visitors in 2016.

Visitors who entered the Visitor Information Center in 2015 totaled 197,065. The 2016 number of visitors is the largest increase year-over-year since 2001, and the total number of visitors is a record since it’s opening in 2000.

The Visitor Information Center is managed by the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Visitors have the opportunity to sign an electronic guest book, but the actual count is taken as people enter the building. It is estimated that approximately one-third of the people visiting Falls Park actually enter the Visitor Information Center and/or sign the guest book.

Visitors who signed the guest book in 2016 have come from all 50 states and 68 foreign countries.

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