I think we can all agree that Sioux Falls, and for that matter, large parts of South Dakota are a real mess right now following the wake of this week's severe storms that ripped through the state.

When tragedies like the tornadoes that hit Sioux Falls, and now the flooding that is starting to impact parts of the state happen, one thing we all do really well here in the Rushmore state is band together to help out our fellow friends and neighbors.

That type of behavior is on display at the moment right here in Sioux Falls with the overwhelming number of volunteers that are turning out to help expedite the tornado cleanup effort throughout the city.

The more I drive around the parts of Sioux Falls that were affected by Tuesday night's storm, the sadder I become. It's truly amazing to see the level of destruction the September 10th storm has created. The sheer number of trees snapped like twigs that are down, the littered city streets, the downed power lines, and the volume of homes and businesses that have either been severely damaged or destroyed.

The bright side in all of this is the number of people currently stepping up to the plate to assist tornado victims with debris cleanup, and repair efforts.

As KSFY TV is reporting, large groups of volunteers continue to pitch in to help out city workers and contractors with tornado cleanup.

According to KSFY, Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken gathered a number of those volunteers in the parking lot of Shalom Christian Reformed Church and was elated to see so many people, and handy vehicles, ready to help out on Thursday afternoon.

TenHaken told KSFY, “I’m still seeing a lot of needs around the city. Some of them are really extensive, but others just have branches at the end of people’s streets.”

City workers and contractors could still use the additional help that volunteers can provide, as the cleanup efforts to restore a degree of normalcy continue here in the Sioux Empire.

Our problems will only begin to magnify as we start to deal with the flooding issues that have just now begun to grip parts of the city.

If you have already participated and continue to participate in the Sioux Falls tornado cleanup efforts, thank you! If you would like to step up to help out, please contact the 211 Helpline Center for more information on how to lend a hand.

Source: KSFY TV



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