A Sioux Falls father and son found out the hard way Nike sneakers still carry a high price tag, and inspire their fair share of criminal activity.

Nikes signature Air Jordan shoes have always been a high priced, and at times hard to come by shoe.

Anytime companies create supply and demand with consumers for their product there will always profit to be made, and anytime there is a transaction of goods with money involved it’s only a matter of time before someone tries to scam, steal, or in this case use counterfeit cash.

Trading shoes online or buying and reselling for profit is on a whole new level these days.

There are apps available for people interested in swapping shoes or selling sneakers, and even local facebook and Instagram accounts set up specifically to connect buyers and sellers.

A Sioux Falls Dad waited with his son outside overnight in October of last year with approximately 50 other people who were in hopes that when the store doors opened they would get the latest in the line of limited Air Jordan shoes.

It appeared the wait was well worth it as they scored not one, but two of the $220 a pair footwear.

The man’s son decided to trade one pair of the Jordan’s for another style of Jordan’s from another shoe swapper he found online in Arizona.

The first shoe swap was a success.

The second time they decided to turn a profit with the remaining pair of Jordan’s it didn’t work out as planned.

The father and son found an interested buyer through a Sioux Falls Sneaker trading site who was willing to pay $90 over original sale price.

Not a bad profit, and also a reasonable one considering some re-sell prices of Air Jordan’s are selling for as high as $1,500.

They dad went with his son to meet the young man interested in buying the Jordan’s at a local restaurant.

Everything seemed fine with the transaction until they got home, and the dad realized all the $100 bills had the exact same serial number.

Counterfeit Cash.

Public Information Officer Sam Clemens Public Officer for Sioux Falls Police Department, offered these tips to identify counterfeit money when dealing with cash transactions.

  • Some money will actually have “Intended for Motion Picture Use” printed right on the fake bills.
  • The most common way to identify counterfeit cash is by the touch of the money. Duplicating the feel of real money is difficult, and counterfeit money feels soft more like regular paper than the roughness of real money.
  • If you receive multiple bills check the serial numbers. Counterfeit money will sometimes all have the same identical serial numbers printed on them. Where with real money each bill has its own unique number.
  • Look at the centering of the bill sometimes counterfeit money won’t lineup correctly on the bill or tape will be used to line up the front and backside.

Officer Clemens also reminds people that just because you made an agreement online doesn’t mean you are obligated to go through with the transaction if you are concerned the money the other party is paying with is possibly counterfeit.

If you are selling online and unsure where to make the exchange these Safe Exchange Zone spaces have been made available in the parking lot at the Law Enforcement Center 320 West 4th Street in Sioux Falls.

Safe Zone
Safe Zone Photo By Travis Jacobs
Safe Zone
Safe Zone 2 Photo By Travis Jacobs

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