The Sioux Falls School District is warning parents about an online challenge that is getting kids into trouble at school and with police.

Tuesday night the district sent an email to parents cautioning them of viral challenges on TikTok, called the "Bathroom Challenge" or "Devious Lick Challenge" that has kids stealing items from their school or causing damage and posting about it online. The email read:

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We have become aware of a concerning trend that has turned up in our schools. A challenge on the social media platform TikTok encourages students to steal or destroy something at school and then post a picture of the item they’ve stolen or broken as their “trophy.” Several schools in Sioux Falls and across the country are noting this concerning behavior and students are facing discipline. Theft and vandalism have school consequences that include suspensions and the loss of privileges. These cases will also be referred to the police for charges. Please talk with your student about this viral trend and make your expectations known to them. Thank you for partnering with us to keep our schools and our students safe.

According to, in Pennsylvania, one school superintendent says that criminal charges have been filed there against students who have caused vandalism there.

The object of the so-called challenge is for whoever posts the most damage caused in the school is then the winner. The only prize so far seems to be a trip to the clink or serious consequences at school.

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