If you're looking for a job, or maybe just a side gig to supplement your income right now, the Sioux Falls School District might be able to help.

The district is looking for a number of qualified substitute teachers for the upcoming school year.

As Dakota News Now reports, like most years, the Sioux Falls School District is in need of subs, but this year, the pandemic has provided a few more challenges.

Becky Dorman, the Senior Director of Human Resources with the Sioux Falls School District told Dakota News Now, “If we felt like we were short substitutes before, the issue is going to compound. On a daily bases, looking at last year, we need anywhere from 150 and 350 people a day to serve as substitutes. This year that could look a little bit different, we’ll have to see.”

The report states the district hopes to secure around 500 substitutes to begin the school year. Each candidate must have their high school diploma, or GED, and multiple years of experience working with kids or the public.

The district will train substitute teachers during the month of August. This year, along with the normal training they receive, candidates will also get special COVID-19 training. That training will help them to make the proper decisions for their own health.

If you would like to help substitute teach during the upcoming school year, simply visit this site to start the process.

Source: Dakota News Now

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