Teachers, parents, and students all gathered Wednesday night for the Sioux Falls School Board meeting as the boundaries for both middle school and high school were discussed. And there was a new high school boundary redistricting option introduced that is referred to as a Chesapeake.

Along with the original A-option, the Chesapeake option would encompass a triangle of houses on the west side near Sertoma both east and west. The boundary of that area west to Tea-Ellis would be in the Roosevelt district instead of Jefferson, according a report filed by Dakota News Now.

Sioux Falls School District
Sioux Falls School District

The A-2 option which was introduced last week was thrown out due to flaws with populations in the building capacity side as well as socioeconomic.

Concerned parents and school board members spoke to many issues about the school boundaries including growth, geography, budgeting, student safety, and equal education.

Dakota News Now says the final vote for school boundaries will be Monday and will go into effect fall of 2021. The boundary options now include option "A," "A" Chesapeake, or "C."

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