A former Sioux Falls Roller Dollz girl has written and produced her own movie just in time for Valentine's Day.

Longtime Roller Dollz member Leah Simmons recently made one of her lifelong dreams come true recently after she shot a movie that is described as kind of a roller derby slasher flick set right here in Sioux Falls.

The movie is titled “Valentine Crush.”

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Simmons told Dakota News Now her movie centers around a skater that uses the name "My Funny Valentine." She says the character is the hotshot skater on her team. And in the flick, this female skater ends up crossing paths with her number one fan, who by the sounds of it, has a big-time crush on the skater. His obsession with her far exceeds just watching her participate in skating derbies.

According to Simmons, moviegoers should prepare themselves to see a little blood, some chase scenes, and lots of roller skates throughout the movie.

Simmons was the mastermind behind the production, which started to take form in early 2020. By the fall of that year, Simmons together with director Jamie Wede were shooting the movie with a group of skaters and friends. The movie shot primarily in Sioux Falls, and Wakonda, South Dakota took a total of eight days to shoot.

As Simmons told Dakota News Now, longtime residents of Sioux Falls will easily recognize places and landmarks in the city. The movie evidently opens up downtown at Zandbroz Variety. You will also catch scenes at places like Club David, and the bulk of the skating scenes are filmed at the Armory Building on the Fairgrounds.

"Valentine Crush" is comprised of primarily Sioux Falls actors. However, the female lead in the movie, Kate Robertson Pryor is from Omaha.

The State Theater in Sioux Falls hosted the premier of the movie during three nights of screenings last week. There was even a Q & A that took place last Friday (January 7) at The State with Simmons and movie director Jamie Wede.

If you would like to see "Valentine Crush" for yourself, Simmons recommends you go check out their socials, there's a Facebook page for the movie, along with a website called Valentine Crush.com. There you will be able to track where the movie will be showing in the future.

According to Simmons, the movie will be part of upcoming film festivals, like the Black Hills Film Festival scheduled for mid-February out in the hills. There are also additional screenings planned for this spring.

Source: Dakota News Now

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