Every day on my way to work I am impressed by the amount of traffic that Sycamore Avenue is seeing.  There's a reason!  Road construction on east 57th street. The City of Sioux Falls does a great job on their web-site keeping us up to speed on construction and progress.  You can check that out here.

If you come in from Harrisburg or Canton or even from the Lake Alvin area you know about the re-route that you've been having to take the past months.  Up to 41st street, down Sycamore and back on 57th street.  This is one busy area because of the extra traffic.

Granted, 57th Street was long over due for an upgrade.  It was narrow and rough and with the extra width that they are adding to the street it's going to make for a nice change.

Every day I see the workers out, hard at it to get the road done before the snow really starts to fly and it looks like they are  close to finishing.

With all the extra construction that is going on in the South East corner of Sioux Falls many people are looking forward to this project getting done.

Also, if you drive around Sioux Falls much, you really have to give Mayor Huether a ton of credit.  Along with the city council they have made many improvements to many of our streets around Sioux Falls.

Personally, I can't wait though till this project is done.

Southeast Sioux Falls isn't the only area under construction.  Crews are hard at work on the new events center too.  In fact you can keep track of their progress from your computer if you like with the live web-cam that is in place.