The yards in Sioux Falls are starting to look a little brown given that we haven't received an over abundance of precipitation lately. The lack of moisture has forced the city to enact Stage 1 of the Lawn Watering Program once again.

When it comes to watering your lawn and the days that you're able to do it, here's what you need to commit to memory.

Stage 1 of the program means residential, commercial and industrial properties and city facilities are not allowed to water lawns from noon to 5 PM every day.

Users with even-numbered addresses can only water their lawns on even-numbered calendar dates. While users with odd-numbered addresses are only allowed to water their lawns on odd-numbered calendar days.

Strict adherence to the watering program allows the city to use its water resources efficiently.

Get more details on the Sioux Falls Lawn Watering Program.

Source: City Of Sioux Falls

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