Let's go back 30 years.

The year is 1987. The Minnesota Twins won the World Series. Bill Gates becomes a billionaire. Nike introduces "Air". And the Jim Bakker-Jessica Hahn sex scandal results in Bakker's PTL resignation.

Here in Sioux Falls 1987 saw the first Forward Sioux Falls program to create new jobs and stimulate capital investment in the area.

And then Mayor Jack White presided over the the ground breaking of Sioux Falls Public Works Street Division (SFPWSD).

On Thursday, October 12th SFPWSD will have their 30th Anniversary Open House at 1000 East Chambers Street.

Refreshments will be served during the open house, and a variety of equipment will be on display, including a motor grader, sanders, an excavator, a loader/snowblower, and other assorted equipment.

Looking back at 1987 that was the year one of the major street construction projects was the widening of Louise Avenue to five lanes from 41st to 49th Streets. And today the reconstruction of that same section was recently completed.

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