The saga of the two boys who were reported missing for about a half a day ends with a criminal case and a cautionary tale of making sure vehicles are secure.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens followed up on the search that ended on Tuesday by saying the two committed crimes while classified as missing.

“We found evidence that they had stolen that car. We believe they just drove around in it all night. They slept in the car and eventually they left it there. We believe they had plans to go back to the car when the officers found them.”

Like many cases, Clemens says what led up to the car being taken was essentially easy access.

“The victim had just parked his car, left his keys in the car. It was at work. These two just happened upon that car, saw the keys in it and took it.”

The two juveniles were charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and theft of a motor vehicle. Any criminal proceedings will take place in juvenile court. Clemens says it will be up to the State’s Attorney to pursue the charges.


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