Sioux Falls Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says an 18-year-old male tried to buy marijuana from a 19-year-old male on Tuesday. But, Clemens says once the money was handed over, the suspect threatened the victim with a gun.

"He paid the 19-year-old the money and they drove around for awhile. The suspect then pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the victim. He ordered the victim to get out of the car. The victim ended up paying the money and didn't come away with anything. No injuries with this one. We know who the suspect is but he hasn't been found yet."

Clemens says the incident is much too common in Sioux Falls.

"We know there are drugs being bought and sold. The big thing is all these weapons are involved. We now have people pointing guns at other people. Obviously, there is a reason to be concerned. But, we are in the process of locating the suspect."

Clemens says the deal took place near the West Mall Seven parking lot.

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