Sioux Falls Police arrested a 29-year-old woman on Friday evening for kidnapping a one-year-old boy.

According to Sioux Falls Police public information officer Sam Clemens, a babysitter was watching six children near the 1300 block of South Majestic View Place.  29-year-old Wacinhin Rae Bear Stops appeared at the residence, then left before coming back and leaving again.

It was then, Dakota News Now reports, that the babysitter noticed one of the children was missing and called the child’s mom.  Police say the babysitter suspected Bear Stops left with the toddler.

Police found Bear Stops with the one-year-old at a hotel in southwest Sioux Falls.  The child was not harmed.  Police suspect Bear Stops was under the influence of narcotics.  She was arrested for second-degree kidnapping.

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