Apparently, there were some noise complaints in Sioux Falls over the weekend. Reports of large booms shaking buildings. Sioux Falls Police speculate the cause.

The Sioux Falls Police Department posted the following on their Facebook page Monday Morning … “There were several inquires about large booms being heard on the western edge of Sioux Falls this weekend that caused some ground and building shaking.

While we have no idea what caused them as they were outside our jurisdiction in the city, I am just going to speculate that boom was caused by area Packers' fans Super Bowl hopes that came crashing to the ground that were responsible!”

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On Saturday the Green Bay Packers lost a close playoff game to the San Francisco 49ers 13 to 10.

Some of the folks responding to the post saw the humor meant by the SFPD. Some did not.

Ashley Marie Nicola: "I confess officer, those were my hopes and dreams that came crashing down."

Scott Rogers: "I still back the blue even though they don’t back the Pack."

Alyssa Lynne Sattler: "Oh no SFPD, not the first thing I see on my FB when I wake up this AM! For real, the most disappointing game I’ve watched."

Amber Marvin: "I am a Packers fan, all I got to say is… DID YOU SEE THAT CHIEF GAME!!!!!" case you are wondering one Facebooker responding with the real probable cause of the big booms …

Natalie L. Ham: It was a person using Tannerite to remove a tree near 265th and 467th. Around 1:30 pm on Saturday. Just in case anyone was wondering. Our whole house shook!

The Oldest Wood-Framed Church In Sioux Falls

Saint Joseph Cathedral at 521 N Duluth Ave in Sioux Falls was founded in 1915. But that's not the oldest church in the city. The Beaver Creek Lutheran Church at Heritage Park on the Augustana College campus at 33rd & S. Prairie Ave. was built in 1892, making it the oldest wood-framed church in Sioux Falls.

Pam Cole Executive Director of the Nordland Heritage Foundation says there are some exciting events and future plans involving Heritage Park. Tours of this wonderful look into the prairie past are available Wed. - Sat. from 10 am to 3 pm and by appointment.


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