Holiday shoppers at businesses in the southwest Sioux Falls area were greeted by a man swinging a baseball bat.

Dakota News Now is reporting that on Saturday Sioux Falls police arrested 31-year-old James Allan Burrage from Vermillion on five counts of aggravated assault.

Police spokesman Sam Clemens says police received three separate complaints from victims. Two victims were in their vehicles near the Empire Mall when Burrage allegedly approached them brandishing a baseball bat. One victim reports that Burrage dented their vehicle with the bat. The third victim says Burrage threatened him and his family near the Home Depot.

Police say that no one was hurt during the attacks.

Burrage claims that each of the victims was "following him," but according to Clemens, none of the victims knew Burrage.

Police used video recorded by a witness showing one of the incidents to identify Burrage's car. Police later found Burrage at a nearby gas station with the bat in the vehicle.

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