It's hard to find someone who doesn't like to eat pizza. Honestly, I could not imagine a diet that doesn't include eating a few slices of pizza here and there. How about customizing your very own pizza?  Heck, making your own personal pizza is undoubtedly just as enjoyable as eating it!

PizzaRev was one establishment in Sioux Falls that made all your pizza creations come to life. Unfortunately, this pizza palace closed its doors late last summer due to "current staffing shortages." I’m sure most patrons thought it was just temporary. However, this closure appears to be more permanent after talking with officials from PizzaRev.

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When my co-workers and I were talking about how much we miss PizzaRev, I began to think about when this local favorite would make its triumphant return to the Sioux Empire. I decided to reach out to PizzaRev on various social media platforms including its Instagram page. In my mind, the worst-case scenario was I would never receive a reply. To my surprise, one PizzaRev official did answer my original message.

Christine Manika (TSM, via screenshot)
Christine Manika (TSM, via screenshot)

Like it states in the picture, PizzaRev currently has no plans to re-open its Sioux Falls location any time soon. The representative sadly could not comment any further on this matter.

This is a real bummer! PizzaRev was really unique because you had the power to create your own personal pizza choosing from over 30 different toppings! Although PizzaRev is not a “homegrown” establishment, residents of the Sioux Falls area loved spending a Friday night eating this delicious pizza.

We can only hope that PizzaRev will come back one day. For now, we are left with just the memories. We'll miss you PizzaRev.

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