There is nothing like relaxing from an exhausting day (or week) at work with some friends while enjoying a few beverages. In a city like Sioux Falls, there are plenty of great, local options to sit down and have a drink or two. There are even a lot of new establishments to explore like the Glacial Lakes Distillery & Brewhouse in Downtown Sioux Falls.

If you're a fan of creative cocktails, South Dakota brews, and hand-crafted spirits and vodkas, then the Glacial Lakes Distillery & Brewhouse might be the perfect place for you. In fact, the local distillery just released its featured drink that's fit for a mayor!

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A new martini named after Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken is one of the Glacial Lakes Distillery & Brewhouse's highlighted items on its menu. What is in Mayor TenHaken's martini? Well, it contains "Haken..." not stirred.

The Glacial Lakes Distillery & Brewhouse showcased its "Haken Not Stirred" martini on its Facebook page. This drink is made with "notes of jalapeño, cucumber, star anise, and GL Aquavit." There are even sliced cucumbers on the martini glass to top off this specialty drink. This drink is just one of many new beverages on the current menu at Glacial Lakes Distillery & Brewhouse.

From looking at the picture and Mayor Paul TenHaken's response on his story on his Facebook page, he formally approves of this new drink!

Paul TenHaken (via screenshot), Glacial Lakes Downtown Sioux Falls (via Facebook)
Paul TenHaken (via screenshot), Glacial Lakes Downtown Sioux Falls (via Facebook)

The "Haken Not Stirred" does seem like a refreshing drink! Let's hope that the Glacial Lakes Distillery & Brewhouse keep this drink on the menu for quite some time.


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