Brock Thompson of Sioux Falls has been keeping quite a secret the last year or so. He had already filmed a show for Bravo but was prohibited from talking about it due to his contract.

Brock currently lives in Sioux Falls and is a nursing student.

The opportunity to be on "Spy Games" came when he was living in Los Angeles. He told me he had been out for a few drinks on a Sunday afternoon when a chance meeting with a casting director lead him to eventually be on "Spy Games". The initial show that he was scouted for fell through, but eventually, after a Skype audition, "Spy Games" was a go!

Bravo's shows usually are more lifestyle based shows like "The Real Housewives" franchise or "Below Deck" (one of my personal faves), but "Spy Games" is an actual competition show!

"Spy Games" is described as, "At a time when questions of surveillance and intelligence are at an all-time high, the series follows ten competitors living together, as they are each tasked with gathering intel on their fellow players. They are pushed to their breaking points when they must survive a series of challenges designed by three “Assessors..."

Oh, and did I mention $100,000 is on the line?

At a premiere party at Wiley's hosted by Brock, he told me that he thought he got picked/would be a good fit for this show due to his time spent in the military. His bio on the "Spy Games" website states, "Brock served two deployments in Qatar as an active duty Air Force Mechanic in support of OIF and OEF, and then later as an Air Force Medic. He served under “Don't Ask, Don’t Tell” and did not disclose his sexual orientation for seven years."

Spoiler Alert: Brock survived the first episode, which premiered Monday, January 20th. The second episode is available online and the show airs Monday nights on Bravo at 9 PM.

In a message posted on the Facebook Premiere Party page, Brock said, "Thank you to everyone so much for coming out and showing all the love and support! I made it through the first episode staying kind of low but there are DEFINITELY some rumors that someone starts to shine in the next episode! Thank you again and I really hope you all had as much fun as I did sharing this experience. Brock"

I can't wait to see if he wins the money and most importantly if he gets to meet Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live".


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