If you take a look at the cover of the book, the first thing you see is the title. Beauty and the Bull$h*t-Carving Out a Space on a Painful Planet. Look a little further and you'll see a familiar name.

Travis Jacobs is a familiar name here in Sioux Falls. Trav was part of the morning show on several Sioux Falls radio stations, and while he is no longer on the air, he's still found a way to get his message out, this time in the form of the written word.

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Jacobs has always been a wordsmith, one way or the other. Maybe you've seen him performing at an area poetry slam. When you do, chances are you won't see him holding an iPhone for notes, it's memorized and ready to flow when he steps up to a mic.

Trav is one of the most complex-interesting individuals I've come across in my walk on the planet. He's had some things happen in his world you pray never happen to you. Nobody comes out unscathed, and Trav is no exception, but he has found a way to help by helping others.

I spoke with him recently about the book. We talked about the weight that people carry around. Listen in. You'll see what I'm talking about.

You can purchase Balancing the Beauty and the Bull$h*t at Amazon.com in paperback, hardback or Kindle. Jacobs also said he hopes to have the book available at Barnes and Noble in the coming year and will also eventually feature a recorded version of the book. Pick up a copy today. For yourself, or someone who might be able to benefit from it.


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